Benefits of bronze headstones or memorials

Benefits Of Incorporating Bronze Into A Headstone Or Memorial

Artisans have used many materials over the last several centuries to create headstones and memorials. Bronze memorials continue to prevail as one of the most popular options. It is a well-known metal alloy composed of arsenic, copper, tin, and other metals. Bronze has been used to make tools as many as 6,000 years ago, and numerous ancient civilizations later used it to make fittings for chariots, ornaments, statues, weapons, and much more. Today, bronze is becoming a popular choice for memorial and gravestone markers. Its natural metallic brown hue makes it desirable for displaying an inscription that honors the life of someone who has passed on. 

Bronze has been used in countless applications for thousands of years. Around 700 BC, the Romans advanced bronze for many applications. These applications included weapons, armor, cooking utensils, and statues. 

Over the centuries, people have retired bronze from many of these applications. Bronze continues to be used for memorialization and art, however. A natural characteristic of bronze is that it forms a greenish patina that is most desired among artists upon oxidation. Bronze’s durability and its ability to weather well make it an ideal choice for cemetery memorials.

Numerous materials would make outstanding monuments in any cemetery, such as granite, marble, or sandstone. One of the most used is bronze. But why does bronze make such a lasting memorial piece? Let’s take a closer look.

Bronze Memorials Last A Long Time

Bronze is commonly used in various applications, including memorial markers and headstones. Bronze’s popularity is in large part due to its renowned durability. Bronze is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, the elements, and even corrosive environments. Using bronze results in a headstone that will remain a touching representation of your loved one for many, many years.

In addition to its durability, bronze also resists metal fatigue. Its high copper content develops a protective surface film that resists the most corrosive environments. This surface film also enables bronze to withstand high temperatures or general wear and tear of environmental exposure. Compared to steel, bronze is easy to machine and can be brazed or soldered. Bronze memorial plates are usually attached to granite slabs for extra stability.

Bronze Is Relatively Low Maintenance

Memorial headstones made from bronze require little maintenance over time because of their durability and natural ability to remain beautiful, even after exposure to the elements. Most bronze headstones have protective coatings that protect their surfaces, and quick cleaning with water and detergent can remove dirt and grime. You can even use paste wax on bronze to restore it to its former glory.

Traditionally, bronze grave markers are flat and make cemetery maintenance simpler. Most markers made of bronze feature protective coatings, but they do wear away over time.

Bronze Is Also Relatively Inexpensive

Bronze is one of the least expensive metal options used for headstones. If you have a restricted budget, bronze can provide a sophisticated appearance without the more significant price tag of other materials like iron.

Bronze Is Easily Customized

Artisans can easily customize bronze, while other materials are much more difficult. This makes bronze a perfect choice for adding an inscription, a figurine, or other etched decoration to the headstone for a unique look. 

Bronze is also excellent for creating plates or plaques that can be added to monuments (and later removed for future engraving). This feature makes bronze a top choice for adornment on other headstone materials, such as marble or granite. This can also be particularly handy for anyone to add the details of a surviving spouse after he or she passes away too. 

Bronze Memorials Are Timeless

A bronze cemetery marker offers a timeless, classic appearance. Bronze is an elegant, sophisticated metal that looks timeless even if it develops a patina over time. This timelessness coordinates with the plaque’s longevity and can be refinished multiple times to look as good as new.

By choosing bronze memorials, you can rest assured that it will look classic and clean for years to come. 

No matter what material you’ve chosen for your loved one’s headstone or memorial, we take pride in helping communities, families, churches, and cemeteries preserve their headstones’ structural integrity and beauty. Contact Monument Solutions for assistance today