Picking The Perfect Springtime Gravesite Flowers (Part 2)

Earlier this month, we started talking about the perfect springtime gravesite flowers you could place on your loved one’s grave. We wanted to finish our list today…

Springtime Gravesite Flower Choices & What They Mean, part 2


The hyacinth blooms in mid-spring. This flower signifies forgiveness and devotion. They have richly colored flowers and an incredible fragrance. They come in a wide range of colors including apricot, cobalt blue, cream, deep purple, lavender, pink, rose, white, and wine red. 


Larkspur is a member of the buttercup family. It comes in many different strains, some of which bloom in April and May. The larkspur signifies first love and openheartedness.


Lavender is a delicate, traditional spring-to-summer bloomer that is often found decorating gravesites. It signifies devotion, admiration, and beauty.


The lilac blooms mainly in May, but has varieties that can bloom earlier into the year. Like the delicate lavender, it’s easy to see why  this delicate flower signifies innocence, tranquility, and charity.

Lily Of The Valley

Lilies of the valley are incredibly hearty spring bloomers! They signify chastity and sweetness.


Despite their fragile appearance, pansies are an extremely hardy spring-to-summer bloomer. They signify sincerity and thoughtfulness.


Peonies have a number of meanings, but two make them especially perfect for a springtime gravesite flowers arrangement: honor and compassion. The peony can also represent less appropriate emotions, including bashfulness, but its showy beauty and connotation of compassion makes it a good choice for gravesite flowers.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are a traditional choice for springtime gravesite flowers. They signify friendship and admiration.

close up view of a bouquet of pink and purple color alstroemeria lilac iris and statice flowers

Purple Irises

Purple Irises are also a traditional choice for gravesite flowers. They’re one of the first spring bloomers and can be found widely available at most flower shops. They signify wisdom and royalty.


Tulips are a touching remembrance for a loved one’s death. These springtime flowers have different meanings based on their colors. Red tulips are typically used to convey perfect love, while white tulips symbolize forgiveness or worthiness. The meanings symbolized by white and red tulips make them popular as funeral flowers in memory of a loved one. In general, tulips signify confidence, affection, and enduring love.


Violets grow from winter into the spring. Many choose these little blooms to signify their devotion, faithfulness, and friendship to their departed loved ones.

Springtime Gravesite Flowers

This is the rest of our list of wonderfully colorful and meaningful springtime gravesite flowers. We hope you enjoyed this month’s blog posts (both of them!). 

Springtime grave flowers can certainly dress up a gravesite, but if you’ve noticed that your loved one’s memorial is looking a little worse for wear, it may be time to call in the professionals.

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