Winter Weather & Headstone Degradation

Gravestone weathering can happen during any weather, but it’s especially prevalent during the winter months. 

And we all know how Nebraska winters can get, right?

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Cemeteries – More Than Just a Resting Place

Our cemeteries are more than “just a final resting place” for our loved ones. They are a place of beauty, where the memory of those who have passed are preserved. Each gravestone recognizes a human being that impacted history. It’s a quiet place to mourn.

Time and exposure to the elements have an impact on any monument over the years. Maintenance and timely repairs can increase the longevity of a memorial. The cold winter weather that Nebraska is infamous for can definitely take a toll on our cemeteries. 

In addition, rain or snow can make the rock break down even faster. And we’re not even going to mention the salt breaking down the stone from de-icing treatments!

Most gravestones are made of granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, or bronze. Marble breaks down much more quickly than granite. And it’s more likely to crack or erode, especially in cold weather. Any monuments crafted from very soft materials are less likely to withstand the weather conditions common in our region.

Winter Tips

What are our winter tips for preserving your loved one’s headstone, a memorial statue, or other cemetery decorations?

  • It is easy to give in to the temptation to use a stone sealer. But it is inadvisable to use any type of product with a protective coating on a headstone or other monument. This will most likely only lead to further deterioration and discoloring of the stone.
  • If the stone is already starting to break down, do NOT use even a mild cleaner on it. Any type of chemical could cause decomposition and degradation to increase rapidly.
  • Winter is the season to make sure your memorial accessories are also properly cared for. These simple tips can extend the life of your planter, urn, or vase:
    • First, make sure all drainage holes are clear for water to drain out of the vessel. 
    • Second, if you aren’t using the floral vase, we highly recommend turning it over or turning it down. This way, the water does not freeze in it over the winter months.

At Monument Solutions, LLC, we help to preserve the memory of your loved one’s passing by restoring headstones, resurrecting statues, and maintaining their final resting place. Contact us for assistance today